Virtual Event Production

We’ve been producing live-streamed events for years, but the challenges over the past couple years have really allowed us to grow our skills and equipment in this area. Our unique advantage is our strong Information Technology background which means we’re able to deploy robust temporary networks and even troubleshoot streams at the protocol level in real-time… so that you don’t have to worry about any of that.

Our equipment has been carefully selected to work in a variety of applications. Our simplest setup usually involves one video camera and a video switcher to display slide content which we can feed directly to Zoom, Webex, GoToMeeting, Teams, or really any meeting platform you might already have.

Our largest events involve four-camera coverage of the live portion of the event, custom graphics and lower-thirds for the remote audience, while streaming to Facebook and YouTube. We can also host private and/or password-protected commercial-free broadcasts via our Vimeo account. There are not many platforms we can’t work with.

Everything we do combines art and design with technology solutions, and virtual/hybrid events really check every box. If you’re interested in hosting a virtual event, or want to add a remote experience to your existing event, contact us right away to see what we can offer.