Molten Audio Handles Onsite Production for World Archery Championships

What started out as a request for extra “video wall panels” turned into full production support for the 2021 World Archery Championships, held in the United States for the first time, in Yankton, SD.

The Covid pandemic provided a unique opportunity to host three world archery events in a two-week period. Normally, the World Archery Congress, the World Archery Championships, and the World Archery Cup are held at different times and locations worldwide. This time, all were combined to allow participants from around the world to quarantine and compete in a single location in back-to-back events.

The Championships were broadcast live worldwide, and nearly every shot of the competition contained gear locally provided by Molten Audio. (To see one of the final matches, Korea vs United States, visit YouTube.)

Molten Audio provided…

  • LED Video Advertising
    • Five individual video surfaces for sponsor content, including a banner strip over 30 feet long.
  • Video Routing and Distribution
    • Copper and fiber-optic cables were used to distribute video to screens and monitors for judges and spectators stretching over an acre of land.
  • PA System
    • Eight “speaker pods” were used to cover bleachers and VIP seating without obstructing any sight lines or camera shots.
  • Platforms
    • About 4,000 square feet of solid, level surface (almost enough to cover a basketball court) for the competitors, targets, VIP seating, and camera platforms… all wrapped in blue vinyl.
  • Labor
    • Molten provided a crew of 16 people to deploy all of the above in under 3 days